Services & practice description

My specialty is in counseling, that is short-term and problem-focused counseling. My goal is to build a respectful relationship together with my clients that addresses the whole person, not only their difficulty.

The service I offer is honest, professional and ethical. I love what I do and I recognise the strengths in each and every individual. I offer my clients guidance to find what they are searching for and to give them back the perspective they feel they have lost. If you feel that things have got somewhat out of perspective, perhaps, together, we can see what might be a way forward.

Therapy begins with awareness. The first in therapy is explore how things are for you and learn more about your patterns. Patterns of how you think, act and feel and patterns within your relationships. Once we recognise he patterns, we need to find out more about their origins and their purpose. We can then explore together whether you want to change, it’s your choice. I will provide you with support, but also challenge, using an integrative approach (mainly Transactional Analysis but with integration of elements of Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness techniques), which especially aims to facilitate the individual’s capacities for self-actualization and healing by learning to recognise and change old, self-limiting patterns. In other words to deal with the pain of the past in the present so that they are free to live their lives in the future. The aim is for people to understand themselves and their relationships and create options to live their lives in an aware, creative, spontaneous way and open to intimacy.

I support adult clients in individual therapy, in English and in Italian. and focus on a variety of issues one can encounter during their life including but not limited to:

• Adjustment difficulties (to a new situation, place or culture)

• Dealing with trauma

• Chronic stress

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Negative self-image and/or self-esteem

• Feelings of depression and mood swings

• Prolonged stress and/or tension

• Burnout and work-related stress

• Social isolation

• Communication difficulties

• Dependency on a partner, friend or family member

• Relationship problems [individual, no couple therapy]

• Study-progress problems

• Decision making

• Conflict management

Hours of Service and Location

I’m available for appointments on Monday to Thursday in the afternoon and after office hours, last consultation of the day at 19:00. Each consultation is 50 minutes. I can usually schedule an appointment within a week or less. I don’t use waiting lists and instead apply a first arrived-first served policy.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me through the email address or telephone number that you can find at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My office is in Utrecht, Nieuwegracht 29. If you are unable to visit my office, we can also plan online sessions.


Payments can be made either via bank transfer or by cash at the end of each consultation. Fees per consultation (inclusive the intake session and also for Skype sessions): 90 €. Please note that BTW is not applicable to this service.


Please note that I only work with Dutch insurance companies. You are of course free to try claim my fees through your national health insurance but I can’t provide potential extra documentation (i.e. anamnesis, reports, diagnosis, etc).

I do work with most of the Dutch health insurance companies. Some policies will cover the costs but you will first have to check with your insurance company if they reimbursed the sessions, how many hours per year and the extend to which these costs are covered. Please note that the basic insurance plans do not usually include refund for counseling, you will probably need to have an supplementary insurance (“aanvullend”) or an international insurance. Your insurance company may recognise counseling under the category of “alternatieve zorg” or “psychosociale hulpverlening” (that is, complementary health care).

When you contact your insurance company, you might need to provide them with my registration numbers:

PSYCHOLOOG-NIP registration number: 233.837

NVPA-register number: 104.859

RBCZ (Register Therapist) license number: 180873R

AGB code as a practicing therapist: 94-108081

AGB practice code: 94-065963

K.v.K.: 66.638.755

BTW: NL002517525B93

For more information about the list of companies that normally cover my services up to date, please refer to this link here.

Cancellation Policy

The notice window is 24 hours. Re-arranging appointments from in-person to online is always an option and free of charge, also on same-day-notice.

COVID-related cancellation/rescheduling policy:

If on the day of the appointment you have cold or flu symptoms we should move our appointment online.

If online sessions are, for any reason, not an option for you, the full cancelation/consultation fee will stand.

If I’m the one with cold or flu symptoms and I’m still well enough to offer an online session, we can either switch to online or cancel the session, free of charge.

Privacy Policy

Your Peace of Mind commits to protects your personal information and privacy. To read the updated privacy policy please click here.

Frequency of Sessions

Typically sessions are on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Please visit the FAQs page, or contact me directly if you have any questions.