‘You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.’ – C.S Lewis

What you can achieve with counseling

  •  Insight: gaining and understanding the origins and development of emotional difficulties, with consequent increased capacity to take control over feelings and actions
  •  Relating with others: form, rather then burn, and maintain meaningful and satisfying relationships (e.g. within the family or workplace)
  •  Self-awareness: becoming more aware of inner thoughts and feelings and developing a more accurate sense of how self is perceived by others
  •  Self-acceptance: development of positive attitude towards self, accepting the areas that had been the subject of self-criticism and rejection
  •  Self-actualization: integrating previously conflicting parts of self
  •  Problem-solving: gaining competence in solving obsolete problems and being in the position to independently find resources to solve future difficulties
  •  Psychological education: acquiring ideas and techniques with which to understand and control current and future unwanted behaviors and feelings
  •  Acquisition of social skill: learning and applying interpersonal skills to better communicate with peers (e.g. assertiveness, anger control)
  •  Cognitive and behavioral change: modification and/or replacement of maladaptive thought patterns associated and self-destructive behaviors
  •  Empowerment: working on skills, awareness and knowledge that will enable to take control of life