My name is Melania Zampieri and I am a trained and experienced counseling psychologist supporting individuals experiencing emotional distress or some degree of confusion. I am certified with the Italian Board of Psychologists. I am a member of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP) and the the Netherlands Psychosocial Therapists (NVPA).

I completed my Master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Padua in Italy in 2005 (recognised in the Netherlands by NUFFIC). I have also completed a professional degree in Psychotherapy with Transactional Analysis approach, which integrates psychoanalytical, cognitive and humanistic models. I regularly expand my professional competencies by attending workshops and specialisation courses.

During my training I also worked as a psychologist in psychiatric hospital, supporting individuals with mood and eating disorders, and offering psycho-educational group therapy. Later on I worked in residential communities, actively supporting teenagers and adults with problems ranging from integration to psychosis. I also had the opportunity to work as an advisor and support manager for students improving their study skills and tackling motivational and progress difficulties.

In recent years, living in Italy, Ireland and now the Netherlands, I have experienced first hand the difficulties that many encounter in adjusting to an unfamiliar social environment. To integrate in each new country, I had to overcome daunting challenges, inner resistance and emotional distress. At times the process was confusing; looking back, however, I realise that I acquired many tools and skills that I can now transfer to a variety of situations and pass on to other internationals facing similar challenges.

Few years ago I decided to work independently and opened my private practice. I love what I do and feel inspired by the incredible people I have the opportunity to guide.

You can read more about my services, the type of therapy I offer and practical details on this site, but please do feel free to contact me though the email address or the phone number you can find at the bottom of this page if you need further information, I’ll be happy to hear your story.