If you feel

– overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts

– lost along the way whilst looking for a direction

– numb when you try to find meaningfulness in life and relationships

– stuck in insecurity that prevents you from moving

If you are looking for

– A sense of direction in life

– Rich, full and meaningful relationships

– Breaking the vicious circle of your patterns

– Serenity and clarity of mind

– Help whilst struggling with what life throws at you

Consider Therapy

It’s an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways in which you can live a more satisfying life. It’s a chance to live a fulfilling life through well-informed choices. Contact me for a consultation, I’ll be happy to help!

What can I offer

My speciality is individual open-ended therapy for adults, in English and in Italian. My goal is to build a respectful relationship together with my clients that addresses the whole person, not only their difficulty.

The service I offer is honest, professional and ethical. I love what I do and I recognise the strengths in each and every individual. I offer my clients guidance to find what they are searching for and to give them back the perspective they feel they have lost. If you feel that things have gotten somewhat out of perspective, perhaps, together, we can see what might be a way forward.

Therapy begins with awareness. The first step in therapy is to explore how things are for you and learn more about your patterns. Patterns of how you think, you act and you feel and patterns within your relationships, whatever the nature. Once we recognise the patterns, we need to find out more about their origins and their function. We can then explore together whether you want to change, it’s your choice, your only. I will provide you with support, but also challenge, using an integrative approach (Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic techniques, and Mentalization-based Treatment), which especially aims to facilitate the individual’s capacities for self-actualisation and healing by learning to recognise and change old, self-limiting patterns. In other words, to deal with the pain of the past in the present, so that you are free to live your life in the future. The aim is for you to understand yourself and your relationships, and to create options to live your life in an aware, creative, spontaneous way and open to intimacy.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: chronic stress, anxiety, communication difficulties, mood swings/depression, negative self-image, relationship difficulties, adjustment difficulties, work stress/burnout and challenges throughout your studies.

What can you get our of therapy

  • Relating with others: form, rather then burn, and maintain meaningful and satisfying relationships (e.g. within the family or workplace)

  • Insight: gaining an understanding of the origins and development of emotional difficulties, with consequent increased capacity to take control over overwhelming feelings and dysfunctional actions

  • Self-awareness: becoming more aware of inner thoughts and feelings and developing a more accurate sense of how self is perceived by others

  • Self-acceptance: development of positive attitude towards self, accepting the areas that had been the subject of self-criticism and rejection

  • Self-actualisation: realisation of potentials, through acceptance and fulfilment of one’s needs, integrating previously conflicting parts of self, and developing authenticity and spontaneity

  • Problem-solving: gaining competence in solving obsolete problems and being in the position to independently find resources to solve future difficulties

  • Psychological education: acquiring ideas and techniques with which to understand and control current and future unwanted behaviours and feelings

  • Acquisition of social skill: learning and applying interpersonal skills to better communicate with peers (e.g. assertiveness, anger control)

  • Cognitive and behavioural change: modification and/or replacement of maladaptive thought patterns associated and self-destructive behaviours

  • Empowerment: working on skills, awareness and knowledge that will enable to take control of life

My name is Melania Zampieri and I am a trained and experienced psychologist and therapist supporting individuals experiencing emotional distress. In the Netherlands I am a member of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP).

I completed my Master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology in Italy back in 2005, where I have also practiced as psychologist in psychiatric clinics. I have then completed a professional degree in Psychotherapy with Transactional Analysis approach in the Netherlands, which integrates psychoanalytical, cognitive and humanistic models. I regularly expand my professional competencies by attending workshops and specialisation courses, amongst which Mentalized-Based Treatment (MBT).

After briefly moving to Ireland, I then relocated to the Netherlands, where I reside and practice since 2013. .

I love what I do and feel inspired by the incredible people I have the opportunity to guide.